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    Alpha Expedition Demining renders and carries out high-quality services abroad, in CIS countries and Russia in three basic directions of activities humanitarian mine clearance, execution of special explosive works and disposal of munitions.

    Alpha Expedition Demining carries out clearance of the terrain and water areas from explosive ordnance:

    Survey of landmine hazardous areas, risk evaluation and danger analysis, mine clearance and clearance of the terrain from explosive ordnance by the means of manual mine detection and clearance, mine detection dogs and mechanical means of mine clearance;

    Demining and clearance from explosive ordnance of the bottom of water areas of the seas, rivers, internal basins, as well as of various subsurface objects and installations;

    Detection, topographic and geodetic tie of various subsurface objects;

    Quality assurance of the works on humanitarian mine clearance of the terrain and water areas;

    Informing on mine threat of and providing mine risk education for the local population in the former combat areas of the World War II;

    Training and re-training of specialists in humanitarian mine clearance and the disposal/destruction of explosive ordnance and ERW;

    Training of mine detection dogs and crews.

    Alpha Expedition Demining carries out services in the sphere of blasting works:

    Design and manufacturing of drilling and blasting works:

    - open mine workings (pipelines, automobile and railway roads, digging of trenches, pits, power transmission lines)

    - construction of the sports and other social facilities, including in mountain conditions;

    - demolition of buildings and structures, residential, industrial objects, brick and concrete chimneys, cooling towers, and other ground, underground, underwater objects;

    - solving the consequences of accidents /disasters;

    - carrying out tunnels;

    - when splitting the foundations and the treatment of materials, the energy of the explosion;

    - destruction of reinforced concrete and metal containers;

    - scientific and educational purposes;

    Carrying out of explosive works in the conditions of operating facilities (partial demolition of buildings/structures, cutting elements/openings, the collapse of metal structures)

    Use of modern technologies of cutting (fragmentation) of large-sized metal structures with the use of liquid-metal strength-destructor.

    Researching new principles of production of explosive works, including with the use of recyclable materials ammunition.

    Carrying out of tests of new explosive materials.

    Alpha Expedition Demining provides services in the sphere of complex utilization of missiles and ammunition:

    Use of safe and environmentally clean technologies for the recycling:

    - ammunition conventional equipment;

    - cluster warhead missiles, including filled with mines with liquid explosives;

    - engineering cluster munitions;

    - fuses, detonating devices, means of initiation.

    Maximum recycling and re-use of products disposal.

    Production and testing of industrial explosives, made with the use of high-energy materials, received from the disposal of ammunition.

    The development of new recycling technologies, which are based on the technical and environmental safety.

    Carrying out of actions on maintenance of ecological safety at all stages of works on utilization of ammunition.

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