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    Principles of work

    Alpha Expedition Demining

    in drawing up business and mutual relations with its partners adheres to the following principles

    Legality and Professionalism

    Performance in full license requirements in all directions of activity.

    Competence, responsibility, practical experience is the basis of work and the guarantee of professional management of the business processes, the cooperation with clients and partners at the highest level.

    Efficiency and Safety

    Modern equipment, system solution of problems on the environment safety and protection, the performance of works in strict conformity with the procedures of the company, the requirements of the international and national standards further to minimize the risks, to increase the efficiency of services and to solve problems shortly and with quality.

    Reliability and Stability

    Experience in business and the business reputation based on trust and long-term mutually advantageous cooperation, always guarantee the performance of the assumed obligations.

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    Principles of work
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